About Us

Dinky Doodads carries UNIQUE TRINKETS & TREASURES FOR TEACHING AIDS, CHILDREN'S I SPY BAGS & GAMES, AND CRAFTS. We specialize in mixed sets from 25 to 800 different items, both large and small, OR just purchase your favorite item. Great prices AND ships fast from the U.S.

♥ Our products include tiny toys, miniatures, beads, buttons, cabochons, charms and pendants, as well as DIY supplies, and much more.  

♥ Please note that because of the type of shop we are, most of our items are under the section headings (Animals, Miniatures, Vehicles, etc.), not "buttons" or "beads" as you might normally find them. For instance, you will find animal buttons, animal beads, and animal trinkets all in the same section of Animals, Bugs, and Nature.

♥ We pride ourselves on great customer service. If we make a mistake, we always make it right.

♥ QUESTIONS?  Feel free to email us at hardman@utwire.net.  We apologize, but our business email is not working properly at this time.